Our Story

Revitalized Spirit is not just another sales website. We are a business with purpose and passion.

Revitalized Spirit is passionate about helping others get reconnected to the majesty and magic found in nature. Nature truly is one of the greatest sources of spiritual nourishment. It assists us in mind, body, spirit connection, enhances vitality, inspires a more active lifestyle, and provides us with an overall sense of health and well-being.

Nature and outdoor recreation has been a part of my life since my childhood. I have always felt at home and at peace in the wilderness. My spouse and I went hiking almost daily after work and was involved in some sort of outdoor recreation every weekend. We enjoyed hiking, biking, kayaking, just to name a few. No matter what was going on in my life or how stressed I became, I could walk into the woods and come out with a revitalized spirit.

Yes...the great outdoors was my place until a little over two years ago when I discovered a tumor on the bottom of my left foot. To make a long story short, I ended up having six surgeries on that foot. I was left with neuropathy, metatrsalgia, sesamoiditis, plantar fasciitis, keloid scarring, a lack of balance and stability, and excruciating pain. I was completely devastated!

 My spirit had been broken. I could no longer engage in the activities that gave me joy, fed my soul and provided me a balanced state of being.  I was cut off from my place of peace.  I could not go "home."

I could no longer feel exuberance, nor a spice for life. I've always been one to have faith that if something is not going as planned in your life, maintaining faith would unequivocally improve the situation. However, when the surgeries kept coming, my inexhaustible faith gradually eroded away. In one of my darkest moments, my spouse came to me and said, "Lana, we can still get out in nature. We just have to find alternative ways to do it." 

We started with a modified wheel chair that would allow for my foot to be above heart level which was a necessity to prevent blood clots from forming. We then moved to an all terrain knee scooter...then a walking cast with crutches.  We then ditched the crutches and used the walking cast only.

Everything was going okay. Though I couldn't be as active as I once was, I was getting out in nature none the less.  I was (not so patiently) awaiting the day I could once again feel my feet touch the earth.

When the time came to go into a normal shoe, I faced another monumental setback.  I could not walk more than a couple hundred steps. The pain was so bad that even the shortest distances were excruciating and I would have to stop. It felt as if my hopes had been shattered--my spirit was crushed. I was told that I may never walk long distances ever again.  Hiking, backpacking, running were almost certainly out of the question. 

My spirit screamed "no."  I could not...WOULD NOT...accept that this was my only reality. I was determined. With each new effort, I would hope... but the result was always the same.

We spent thousands upon thousands of dollars buying various types of shoes and countless custom orthotics. None worked. I began to feel that perhaps I would never hike, bike, or kayak again. Yet, I did NOT want to give up. I was adamant about   getting back to my "home"...to the Wild...to the source of spiritual nourishment, and peace. I was determined that I would, once again, know all the joy, contentment, and magic that nature had to offer.

With countless experiments that often lasted late into the night...we achieved minute improvements....One thousand steps two thousand steps....four thousand......ten thousand...  

In January 2019, I walked five miles...FIVE MILES!  I could not have been happier. 

How did I do it?  Well....I found what works best for me (after trying just about everything). Through trial and error, I discovered that i can only wear high top trekking boots, a good NON-CUSTOM insole, and a metatarsal pad. The boots act as a pseudo-cast providing greater stability and balance. The metatarsal pad and shoe insole helped reduce the pain significantly. 

That walk was the pivotal moment that restored my faith and returned me to my authentic self.  It revived my wild spirit. I wanted to dance and shout it from the hills. I wanted share this gift of hope.  But most of all, I wanted to help others see that there is always a way to reconnect with the things that feed their souls.

During my healing process, I had to seek out other ways to Revitalize my spirit and keep myself grounded in hope. I couldn't be in nature so I began putting nature in me. I began formulating and drinking medicinal teas. In doing so, I found myself improving mentally, spiritually, and physically. I truly believe that the process of formulating the teas, consuming them, and receiving all the benefits kept me on my path to healing. It helped in it's own way, reconnect me to nature and my spiritual self. It, in essence, prevented me from giving up.

It impacted me and my life so deeply that I decided to share the gift of nature and healing with the world. I have made it my life's ambition to assist others  in experiencing an improved quality of life. Revitalized Spirit was born!

We source and or collect the best quality ingredients from around the world to formulate our amazing tasting healing teas.

Thanks for taking your valuable time to read my story. The team at Revitalized Spirit wishes you joy along your journey. Heal Your Body and Soothe Your Spirit!