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Low Carb Matcha Smoothie Recipe

Matcha Tea has so many medicinal properties. The benefits of drinking this tea are astounding. Weight and abdominal fat loss is only the beginning. However for this post, I want to share a simple low carb Matcha smoothie recipe with you that may help you achieve your weight loss goals.  You can read more about the benefits of Matcha by visiting But before you do, please take a look at the recipe below.                                      Low Carb Matcha Smoothie Recipe Ingredients 1 teaspoon Revitalized Spirit Matcha tea powder 12-15 crushed ice cubes 1/2 cup Almond or Coconut milk Optional 1 teaspoon sugar or honey  Preparation...

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Powerful Matcha Tea Benefits for improved Health & well-being

Matcha is made from the entire tea leaf making it pack a more concentrated amount of antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds.  Studies have revealed a variety of health benefits from weight loss to preventing cancer to reducing the risk of heart disease.  Best of all, Matcha tea is easy to make and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. 

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